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  • How do I purchase the ebooks?
Follow the link on the "Buy our e-books" page.
You will need a gmail account linked to a Paypal / bank or credit card in order to purchase from Google Books, but these are easy to set up.

  • What area does it cover?
Volume One, Part One, covers the coastline from Barmouth to Trwyn Porth Dinllaen (Morfa Nefyn).
Volume One,  Part Two, covers Trwyn Porth Dinllaen to South Stack (near Holyhead).

Volume Two (South Stack to Colwyn Bay), the printed version, is still in print, and can be purchased via our website.

  • What is the ebook best viewed on?
The ebooks are best viewed on a touch-screen device such as a tablet, smart phone or an iPad, as touch-screens allow you to easily zoom in on the photographs and charts to view the finer details. It can also be read on a PC, laptop or a Mac, but you may have to maintain an internet connection to do so.
The books is not available for a Kindle tablet.

  • Can I view it without an internet connection?
Android tablets such as iPads and Samsung tablets do store the book so that it can be read off-line, but you may need an internet connection for a PC, laptop or Mac.

  • Can the book be updated without having to purchase another copy?
Yes, it is my intention to update the book whenever new or updated information becomes available. Those who have previously purchased a copy can receive the latest version by going to Google Play Books; My Library; tap on the three dots by the name of the book; Remove Download (NB – DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY as you then may need to re-purchase the book); wait a few minutes; tap on the picture of the book to download the latest version. Note that this is a large download that may take some time. See also this page for further help.

  • What is the latest version?
Go to page viii near the front of the book to check the date your ebook was produced, and compare it with the date given on the Volume One page of this website.  

  • I have found an error in the text.
Thank you! – please let us know, so that an updated version can be published. Email chris@calgopublications.co.uk

  • Other questions?
Google Play Books control the formatting and access to the ebook, so please see their Help Section. Otherwise email chris@calgopublications.co.uk

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