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GOOD-BYE, and Thank You.

We were privileged to be present at the Dedication of the new Moelfre Lifeboat Station and the Naming Ceremony of the new Tamar class Lifeboat "Kiwi" on Saturday 6th May 2016. We witnessed the last flight of the Sea-King Rescue helicopter from RAF Valley before the stand-down of the service, when it excecuted a fly-past at the start of the ceremonies. Many people owe a great deal to the 'big yellow birds' and they will be missed.
But we were able to say a big WELCOME to the red and white Sikorski taking its place. In extremely blustery conditions, they delighted everyone with their training drills with the newly named 'Kiwi' lifeboat, lifting and lowering "casualties" from the deck of the fast moving lifeboat. A great display of skill and professionalism from both the aircrew and the volunteers of the Lifeboat crew.
Hopefully, these will be the only times that we see these dedicated men and women at work, but it's nice to know that they are there.
A big welcome also to Clare Dutton, the new proprietor of Vivian Diving Centre at Llanberis. With a compressor on site, it’s handy for refilling your cylinders, undertaking some training-drills or simply enjoying a dive.

The addition of a cage for training divers in shallow water is a great bonus for both instructors and newcomers to our sport.

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