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Volume 2

Updates / News
Great care has been taken to ensure that the facts given in these guide are correct and up to date, but please feel free to notify me of any additional information, updates or corrections. We will never know everything that North Wales has to offer a diver.

The author can be contacted via Contact on this website.

Essential Underwater Guide to North Wales.

Update to Volume Two. (As of April 2017)

Page 13 -- The email address for Ty Calch has changed to tycalch@btinternet.com

Page 35 -- The pistol shown was originally a flintlock, but had been converted to a percussion-cap mechanism.

Page 39 -- The buoy for the wreck of the Asmund has been replaced.

Page 156 -- The wreck of the Mona has changed due to a shifting of the sandbank. The twin propellers are no-longer visible, but the  anchor winch is fully exposed, along with an anchor and part of the bow. Beware -- the rear hatch is inhabited by a very large conger!

Page 174 -- The green wreck-buoy that marked the Hoveringham is no longer in position, but a vertical scaffolding-pole has been placed on the wreck to warn of the danger. Hopefully, a buoy will soon be installed to mark this obstruction.

Page 195 -- A wind-farm has been ‘planted’ close to the wreck of the Penrhos, and navigation-buoys are now moored to the north of this wind-farm. It’s now rather strange diving here, as even on the seabed, you can hear a loud ‘whoosh - whoosh’ from the machinery.

Page 200 -- Vivian Quarry is now run by Dutton's Divers.  The “river cruiser” has been moved so that it points in a different direction, a swim-through has been created and a cage has been installed to enable training to be undertaken in a confined, shallow environment.

Page 205 -- Parking charges are now in force for trailers as well as vehicles. Please check the notice boards.

Page 208 -- Bol Sach Quay slipway at Holyhead has been vastly improved.

Page 213 -- The slipway at Bull Bay has been improved.

Page 217-- Parking charges are now in force for trailers as well as vehicles. Please check the notice boards.

Page 218 -- Parking charges are now in force for trailers as well as vehicles. Please check the notice boards.

Page 220 -- June 2010 - The area around the slipway has been redeveloped, so the land previously available for parking is blocked off. Boat storage is now available at Porth Daniel, close to the launch-site. The slipway has been widened and a parking area for trailers has been created immediately adjacent to the slip. Do read the notice, as cars have become submerged at high-tide!

Page 223 - Launching is no longer available at Victoria Pier slipway, Colwyn Bay, but the nearby slipway at Porth Eirias offers much easier access. See below.

Page 225 -- Anglesey Divers will now open Sunday mornings from 9.00am until noon, but please check with them beforehand on 01407 764545 or 07917 619221. They can provide air fills to 300 bar.

Page 226 -- C.W. Marine is no longer trading.

Page 228 -- Diver’s Air is now at Unit 412, Ash Road North, Wrexham Industrial Estate, LL13 9UF. Tel. 01978 661352.

Air, nitrox and cylinder-testing is available at Amlwch Diving Services (John Gill), Caer, Llaneilian, Amlwch, Anglesey. LL68 9LS

Tel: 01407 832215 Mobile: 07545 556442

Website: www.amlwchdivingservices.com E-mail: sales@amlwchdivingservices.com

Page 229 -- SBS Boat Charter - web site www.sbsribcharter.co.uk

-- Quest Charters now run a 38-foot RIB, rather than two boats.

Page 230 -- The GPS position for Taldwrst Bach is slightly out. It should read 53 22.385 N 004 20.835 W. The Postcode and OS Reference Number are correct.


Page 238 -- As of April 2010, new regulations came into force regarding scallop-fishing around Wales. Scallop-dredging is now prohibited close inshore, a move that is bound to be welcomed by divers. For further details, see the map at http://wales.gov.uk/docs/drah/publications/100203scallopsummaryupdateden.pdf

The Sea Fishery Committees have ceased to exist as independent bodies in Wales, and the Welsh staff and resources of the former Committees have now been amalgamated into the Welsh Assembly Government. However, they and their by-laws will in essence remain in place until they can be reviewed, so you can continue to refer to the Sea Fisheries Committee regulations.

Article 4 of The Scallop Fishing (Wales) (No 2) Order 2010 explains that it is an offence to “fish for, take or kill scallops in Welsh waters during the period 1 May to 31 October in each year by any means, including diving.” During the ‘open’ period, divers may only take scallops for personal consumption, so it is an offence for divers to sell scallops they take unless they are a registered seller of fish.

Please check this website regularly for the latest updates, and let us know of any additions, changes or mistakes by e-mail via Contact on this website.


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